The folding fan is composed of sticks (the outer two called guards) held together at the handle end by a rivet or pin. On the sticks is mounted a leaf that is pleated so that the fan may be opened or closed.


Avoid water or consistent exposure. Carefully open and fold.

Composition: Wood & Tough silk

Famous Folding Art Fans


The fan has played an important part in Chinese and Japanese life. Fans were carried by men as well as women, and there were many classes of fans, each reserved for some special purpose. With so much significance attached to the fan in the Far East, a great deal of attention was paid to its decoration, and the exquisite taste displayed in the embellishment of high-quality Chinese and Japanese fans has never really been equaled.

In Europe, the painting of fan leaves was, until the 19th century, the work of artisans – clever decorators at best. In China, on the other hand, many of the great painters devoted their talents to the decoration of fans, and the resulting works of art were not always mounted for actual use.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 20 cm

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