Popular Earring Styles in 2019

Earring styles in 2019 are sure to add to your personal style. With designs like the ‘80s hearts earrings and hoop earrings, it’s time to go retro and shine this season.


This is a great season for jewellery since the year is all about bold designs and bright colours. From the runways to farmer’s market stalls, the trend doesn’t change much. If you too want to be on the top of your fashion game, you need some earring styles that are going to slay in 2019.

The start of the year has been busy with Fashion Week, and if you are keeping up with it, you must have seen the bold and daring jewellery that ruled the runways. Those oversize hoops and bedazzling styles of the early 2000’s are back, and they’re here to stay for good.

So if you too are looking to glam up this season, here are a few earring styles in 2019 that you need to rock.

Seashell Earrings



Providing a beachy look to your whole outfit, seashell earrings were seen at the runway and were instantly liked by the audience. The colourful beads with a gold accent can liven up any outfit and even make the rainy days seem perfect. If you are an ocean lover, you can carry the essence everywhere you go. Just don these earrings for a night out and you will be ready to go!

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 Sparkle it up!



Sparkle is never out of fashion, but in 2019, we’re taking it a step further. With huge and flashy earrings, this is the right time to dazzle and shine in the spotlight. And with Chanel using its name on pieces of jewellery, it’s no surprise that the logo trend is back!

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Hoop Earrings



Hoop earrings are always trending, but this year the traditional design has a bit of a twist to it. 2019 sees the return of this trend and this time, they are making a statement with half-moon designs. The earrings were featured in Valentino’s show and the model rocked that look perfectly. The open-hoop earrings can be worn with different styles, and that’s what any great jewellery is all about; versatility.

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The ’80s Hearts


2019 is seeing the revival of some old trends, and the ’80s hearts earrings are one of those. These chunky and oversized earrings have added more fun to this season’s fashion trends and the tons of pictures on Instagram are proof of that. They are just the right amount of extra for you to stand out.

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You can add class and personality to any event with our range of fashion jewellery. With the right sparkles and an unrivalled dazzle, you too can shine this season. Just browse through our selection of popular jewellery styles and keep up with the trending earring styles of 2019.

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