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Finding the perfect ring for proposing is as difficult as finding ‘the one’. You wonder if she will accept the gesture or not, and there is this pressure to get that one perfect engagement ring that will seal the deal between you two till the day you say your wedding vows. As a guy, you might not know much about jewelry or have a special eye for specific details such as design and cut, so to make your work easy, we have prepared the perfect guide for you.

Engagement Ring  vs. Wedding Ring

A lot of people have this confusion between a wedding ring and an engagement ring. This is because, in most cultures, a wedding and engagement ring are interchangeable. An engagement ring becomes your wedding ring automatically after marriage.

An engagement ring, in its traditional sense, is a ring that you give when you are proposing to the woman you want to marry. It is a symbol of your betrothal to each other and to tell the world that a woman is already taken. Engagement rings are generally only for women. A wedding ring, on the other hand, is a matching band that both the husband and wife wear during the wedding ceremony.

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Having clarified that, here is what you should do to get that perfect engagement ring:

1. Work Out Your Budget

First things first, before you go out on a limb here by getting an engagement ring, you must know how much you can afford to spend on the ring. You might want to give the love of your life the biggest rock of bling on her finger, but at the end of the day, your bank balance decides what you need to be getting. You can still get amazing engagement rings at a price you want without it costing you an arm and a leg.

There is nothing romantic about going bankrupt just to get married, and if you have to buy something super expensive to please someone, then you need to rethink. The good thing about getting an engagement ring is that you can negotiate its price, so there is always a margin of coming closer to your desired price.

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Engaged couple

2. Go For a Simple, Yet Fine Design

Getting an engagement ring might seem daunting at first, and there might be so many designs to choose from. Our advice would be to look for something simple yet tasteful. The perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to look expensive; it can be a fine ring that elegantly shines whenever your fiancé flaunts her hand. Keep your fiancé’s taste in mind and ask her indirectly what type of rings she likes. Alternately, you can notice the type of rings she already wears to get an idea.

Surprising engagement ring
Surprising engagement ring

3. Surprise Surprise!

Many couples go ring shopping together, but that kind of takes away the thrill and surprise. While letting your Mrs.- to-be pick out the perfect engagement ring is a good idea, if you want an element of surprise, you must venture into this mission alone. Alternately, you can grab a female friend, sister, mother or a married buddy to help you out.

Taking her to buy the ring will make you miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity of surprising her with a proposal. If you want to know her ring size, then just ‘borrow’ any of her rings sneakily from her jewelry box or her hand and take it with you to the jeweler. You can also just quickly take any of her rings and trace it around a paper and use that as a reference.

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4. Know Her Style

Every woman has her own unique style, and you want to make sure that the engagement ring matches with it perfectly. You will have to notice all the fine details before selecting the ring for her. Does she wear a lot of gold? Maybe she loves silver or platinum a lot. Is there a particular stone she wears a lot? Is she a minimalist when it comes to jewelry or does she make bold fashion statements? All these details will help you get that perfect engagement ring.

5. The Engagement Ring Band

There are different ring bands that you can choose, and all of them have certain pros and cons. Whether it’s gold, platinum, silver, yellow gold, rose gold, etc., you must pick wisely. Ask the jeweler what would be the best ring band to go with the gem you choose.

Engagement ring
Diamond ring
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Man with ring
Two diamond rings
Diamond ring

6. The 4 C’s of the Diamond

Now that you have selected the ring band, it’s time to choose the perfect diamond. There is a general rule of thumb that everyone follows when selecting the perfect engagement ring: the 4 C’s of the perfect diamond

·      Cut

This doesn’t mean the shape of the diamond, but the proportions and angles it is carved in. While the rest of the C’s are determined by nature, the cut depends on the cutter. A well-cut diamond reflects light from an angle and projects it to the other through the top. This is how a diamond sparkles.

·      Clarity

A diamond that has fewer imperfections is the most expensive and clearest.

·      Color

Diamonds come in different shades, from colorless (the most expensive kind) to pink or light yellow. White color diamonds are the most famous ones.

·      Carat weight

This refers to the actual weight of the diamond itself, and not the ring. The heavier the stone, the more you will have to fork out. However, you don’t have to worry about the weight as long as the cut and shape of the diamond appears to be larger.

7. Ring shape

The diamond’s shape comes in different sizes. From round to oval, square and heart, you will find the perfect design that looks good on your beloved.

Round engagement ring
Round diamond ring

Selecting that perfect engagement ring will now seem as easy as pie. Now all you have to worry about is getting that ‘Yes!’ from her.

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