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Gemstones can bring some bright colours to your life. They make the perfect jewellery for every occasion, whether casual or formal. They have been a part of our history and culture and many people believe that they have powers. Even if it’s true or not, the fact remains that each gemstone has its own personality. They have their special colours that are known to reflect different emotions in the wearer. They all have a significant meaning behind their deep colours and so, today you’re about to find out about some gemstone meanings.

·      Emerald

Let’s start with a gemstone that’s known for its colour variations; emerald. Green is the colour of nature, and that’s exactly what this gemstone signifies. Emerald is associated with rebirth and love, and since it is the gem of Venus, it also refers to fertility.

Emerald held great meaning for the people of Egypt. Their monarch Cleopatra is known for her preference of the gemstone. The Egyptians even buried the gem with their mummies to symbolize eternal youth.

The deeper the colour of the gemstone, the more valuable it gets. They come in all shades of green, but the ones that sport bold greens are considered the most beautiful.

Emerald earrings
Woman with diamond and emerald earrings
Sapphire necklace
Sapphire and diamond jewellery

·      Sapphire

Although available in a wide range of colours, sapphire is best known for its blue variations. The word sapphire is a Greek word that means blue. The colour symbolizes honesty and trust, which is why sapphires are often used in engagement rings. Another one of the gemstone’s meaning is purity.

The best sapphires in the world come from Sri Lanka, Burma and Kashmir. Even though deeper shades of blue are preferred, the most expensive variation of sapphire is a shade of violet-blue, which is quite rare. Some people prefer lighter shades since they have a more transparent texture.

Sapphires come in many shades of yellow, peach, pink and orange, but the most sought-after colour is Padparadscha. It is a rare colour with shades of pink and orange, depicting the fabulous colours of a sunset.

·      Amethyst

Known for its power of cleansing, protection and healing, Amethyst was used by ancient people to ward off the evil eye. The gemstone has been connected with myths and religions as well, where its powers have been used for protection.

The gemstone is a myriad of colours, but the colour purple is quite prominent. Since it has different shapes and sizes, amethyst is readily available and affordable too.

Amethyst earrings
Amethyst jewellery


Now that you inside information about gemstone meanings, you have the right tools to settle on one that resonates with your personality. Want more? You can add class and personality to any event with our range of fashion jewellery. With the right sparkles and an unrivalled dazzle, you too can shine this season. Just browse through our selection of popular jewellery styles and keep up with the trending vintage jewellery styles.

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