You may cancel your membership at any time by email with your account email and the requests. We normally reply to you within the 3 working days during Monday – Friday between 9 am – 5 pm.

Please note that by canceling, you are waiving your current membership status and the current rate of your monthly membership fee. If you’d like to re-activate your subscription at a later date, you need to place the subscription order again. Also, your monthly membership fee may no longer remain the same due to our future price adjustments.

You may also submit your request to cancel here. Please note that you must return your jewelry set or pay for what you’d love to own forever to finalize your cancellation. If we don’t receive tracking information on your return shipment before your next billing date, you will be charged on your regular billing date every month until it is received. Please contact us before you’re going to pay for what you’d love to keep forever.