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Tips for People Who are Allergic to Metal Jewelry

Not being able to wear jewelry is a sad thing. Who wouldn’t want to wear beautiful, sparkly jewelry pieces on different occasions and look their best? Are you allergic to different types of metal, such as gold, silver or platinum? Well, don’t worry as you can always opt for alternative materials. You must know the ... continue reading

Pearls and Their Types

Fashion enthusiasts must constantly update their wardrobe and accessories to stay up-to-date with the latest styles. Even when it comes to jewelry, sometimes statement pieces are trending, while at other times, delicate items are the latest rage. However, one type of jewelry that is truly timeless and will always remain in your jewelry collection is ... continue reading

How to Make the Best Use of Each Penny When You Are Buying Expensive Jewelry

Buying expensive jewelry can be nerve-wracking as you want to make sure that every penny is worth it. Jewelry is a valuable item, so it is imperative that one considers different factors when spending their hard-earned money on it. Here are some things for you to consider when purchasing jewelry: Woman wearing jewelry Know What ... continue reading

How Do I Organize My Jewelry?

Organizing your jewelry can be a bit frustrating, especially if you have lots of it. I have been through the ordeal of rummaging through my drawers for my favorite necklace or earrings and not being able to find them when I needed them. Fortunately, I started organizing jewelry the right way and now I live ... continue reading

Gemstone Colours for Emotions

Gemstones can bring some bright colours to your life. They make the perfect jewellery for every occasion, whether casual or formal. They have been a part of our history and culture and many people believe that they have powers. Even if it’s true or not, the fact remains that each gemstone has its own personality. ... continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been around for quite a few years, and if you still haven’t adopted them in your style, then you are surely missing out. Whether you are an ardent jewelry lover or someone who steers clear from any kind of jewelry or accessories, a statement necklace will change your look in an instant. ... continue reading

A Guide to Buying Vintage Jewellery

Window display of vintage jewellery If you love jewellery, you must already have a huge collection. Anything that sparkles and looks classy needs to be in your jewellery box. But the cherry on top would be if you go for some vintage jewellery. Trends are always changing in the fashion industry, but with some well-suited ... continue reading
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How to Get the Perfect Engagement Ring

Engagement ring Finding the perfect ring for proposing is as difficult as finding ‘the one’. You wonder if she will accept the gesture or not, and there is this pressure to get that one perfect engagement ring that will seal the deal between you two till the day you say your wedding vows. As a ... continue reading
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