Vintage jewellery pieces in a store window
Window display of vintage jewellery

If you love jewellery, you must already have a huge collection. Anything that sparkles and looks classy needs to be in your jewellery box. But the cherry on top would be if you go for some vintage jewellery.

Trends are always changing in the fashion industry, but with some well-suited vintage jewellery pieces, you need not fear. People have always loved antique jewellery and with some choicest pieces in your collection, you too can slay it this season.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you pick out the best pieces in the market.

·      Research the Seller

If you’ve been wondering where to buy vintage jewellery from, you need to do some research. There might be a few sellers in your area, but you need to tread carefully. Vintage jewellery is often hard to come by and only legitimate sellers can acquire the original pieces. If there’s a seller claiming to have vintage jewellery in bulk, it’s better if you research about their establishment first. It also pays well to see some of the customer reviews they have online. This is the digital world, so make use of the resources available to make the right decision.

Antique golden necklace.
Vintage gold necklace
Gold earrings
Gold vintage jewellery

·      Get the History

Being an antique, it’s the history of the vintage jewellery that adds more importance to it. Ask the seller how they acquired the piece and the history it has. If the seller required it legitimately, they’d have a viable story that’s believable. It can help clear up your doubts and you get to know an interesting story to tell your friends when you show-off the new addition to your collection.

·      Signs of Patina

Most vintage jewellery has dents or usually lacks the shine that new jewellery pieces usually have. This is called Patina and that’s what makes the piece so important and expensive. If the piece looks brand new, there’s a chance that the seller has restored it or it’s fake. If restored, the piece loses its authenticity, so make sure the piece isn’t in pristine condition.

·      Inspect the Merchandise

You already know that it is antique jewellery, so you need to make sure it is in great condition. Even if you are going for an antique piece, it doesn’t have to be in shambles. Durability is an important factor when considering where to buy vintage jewellery from. Any legitimate seller will want to help you get a piece that’s in good condition. Even then, you’d have to inspect the merchandise. Check for tarnishing and if there are any gems on the piece; make sure they are still secure. If there are clasps on the antique piece, you should check them too.

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