Statement necklaces have been around for quite a few years, and if you still haven’t adopted them in your style, then you are surely missing out. Whether you are an ardent jewelry lover or someone who steers clear from any kind of jewelry or accessories, a statement necklace will change your look in an instant.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be wearing a statement necklace.

Pearl necklace
Statement necklace

1.    Brings Life to a Plain Outfit

If you have a simple outfit that you want to jazz up, then a statement necklace is just what you need. It is perfect for spicing up your work attire. So even if you are wearing those boring old grays, blacks or whites, throw in a metallic or beaded statement necklace that says ‘I mean business, but I also have style’.

If you have that little black dress that you want to slip into for that cocktail party, add in a statement necklace to it to make it chicer. Simpler outfits are great if you are going for a minimalistic approach, but pairing them with the right kind of accessories, such as wearing a statement necklace, adds charm to them.

Office accessories
Corporate people

Alternately, if you are going to a party or event and don’t want to wear a fancy dress, you can simply wear a statement necklace on your plain shirt with trousers to give your outfit a slightly more party vibe.

2.    To Give a Tomboy a Feminine Look

If you aren’t into dresses or wearing feminine prints, then wearing a statement necklace on your T-shirt with a jacket is just what you need. This way, you can rock your carefree and tomboy look with a hint of girlishness.

Silver necklace
Statement necklace

3. To Go for a Bold Look

Want to rock a bold look and glam up? Grab a statement necklace and get started! If you are wearing bold prints or colors, add in a contrasting statement necklace to give the complete look and pop of color.

4. Easy to Wear

Unlike heavy earrings that tire out your ears, statement necklaces rest easily on you without overwhelming you.

5.    Double it Up!

Who says just one is enough? You can use two or three necklaces together and use it as one piece to give that haute couture or runway look. Use the biggest statement necklace in the middle to make it look more balanced. Alternately, you can wear a couple of long thin chains or necklaces and add the statement necklace in between.

Golden statement necklace
Woman in red

6.    Express Your Self

Statement necklaces are an awesome way to express your style and personality to others. There are so many styles and colors when it comes to statement necklaces that you will be spoilt for choice.

7.    They Can Work with Different Styles

Whether it’s an office shirt, casual T-shirt, summer dress or a ball gown, the can rock any look.

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So what are you waiting for? Get some cool statement necklaces and up your style game.

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